Arsanjan office: Iran, Fars province, Arsanjan city
Shiraz office: Haft Tir Street, Shiraz Naqsh Building, 3rd Floor, Unit 8
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Arsanjan office
Fars province, Arsanjan city
Shiraz office
Haft Tir Street, Shiraz Naqsh Building, 3rd Floor, Unit 8
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Parsian Broadcasting Dordaneh Trading Production Company

Parsian Broadcasting Dordaneh Trading Production Company operates in the field of export and import of electronic products, food, industrial and other industries. Our goal is to provide quality services to customers around the world. By taking advantage of our experience and technical knowledge and receiving positive feedback from customers, we easily supply high quality products at reasonable prices from all over the world and we also offer our products with the best available quality and the most reasonable price. Our company has always tried to provide the best services to its customers by using new technologies.
  • Safe import and export
  • Reliable and reliable
  • Full support
At Parsian Broadcasting Dordaneh Trading Production Company, we seek to provide quality and reliable services in the field of export and import of electronic, food, industrial, etc. products. Our goal in this company is to establish sustainable and long-term relationships with our customers and business partners.By using new technologies and using optimal resources, we try to provide the best products and services to our customers. As a young and dynamic company in the field of export and import, our goal is to create a reliable and long-term community with our business partners and customers.By trying to guarantee the quality of our products and services, through efforts and cooperation with customers and business partners, we turn to building a better world in the field of exporting and importing products.
  • quality guarantee
  • Full support
  • Direct communication with the customer
  • Providing the best service
  • Use the latest features
The products we offer
  • Foodstuffs
  • minerals
  • machinery
  • Electronic
products categorization

Product purchase steps

Introducing the steps of providing product purchase services


Step 01

First, enter the store by choosing a category from the beginning of the site and check the products you want through the subcategories


Step 02

After checking the product, be in touch with the sales representative using the communication methods


Step 03

After you complete the order, receive your product as soon as possible

our services

Export and Import

Taste the export and import with us

قیمت مناسب

The price is right

Ask us for the best price

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خرید ایمن

Safe shopping

Buy with confidence

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حمل و نقل مطمئن

Secure shipping

Safe shipping experience

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Frequently asked questions

Dordaneh Parsian Broadcasting Trading Company is always trying to produce the best products for you by providing quality products

How are products sold?
The products of our company, which are presented in the following categories, are sold in bulk and by signing a contract in person and over the phone

▶ Electronic
▶ Foodstuffs
▶ industry and Mining
How many services do we offer?
Our services are mainly provided in person and some of the services are mentioned above
How experienced are our team members?
Dardaneh Parsian Broadcasting Commercial Production Company is trying to provide you with the best services by employing a powerful and experienced team.
با خشم عادلانه و بیزاری از مردانی که فریفته و تضعیف شده اند با این میل کورکورانه که نمی توانند درد و مشکل را پیش بینی کنند، فریفته و تضعیف شده اند.

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