Arsanjan office: Iran, Fars province, Arsanjan city
Shiraz office: Haft Tir Street, Shiraz Naqsh Building, 3rd Floor, Unit 8
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Arsanjan office
Fars province, Arsanjan city
Shiraz office
Haft Tir Street, Shiraz Naqsh Building, 3rd Floor, Unit 8
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Safe transportation: In our company, transportation of products has become one of the most important pillars of the business of exporting and importing products. By giving importance to safety, accuracy and speed in transportation, we guarantee that your products will be transported to the final destination safely and without damage.

1. Choosing the best shipping methods: By choosing the best reliable shipping methods, including sea, we strive to get your products to the destination quickly according to your required time.

2. Proper packaging: Proper packaging, including strong cartons and durable plastics, is an important part of the shipping process. We use the best and latest packaging methods to ensure safe and damage-free shipping.

3. Accurate tracking and proper timing: Our tracking team accurately and continuously tracks the movement and progress of shipments and ensures that your products reach their final destination on time and reliably.

4. Transport insurance policy: In order to protect your goods and products during the transportation route, we arrange valid and full coverage transport insurance policies so that you will not suffer in case of any accident.

5. After-sales service: We will keep in constant communication with you and if there is any problem in the transportation process, we will respond quickly and try to solve the problems quickly and completely.

In general, the safe transportation of your products is a high priority in our company, and you can benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in this field. Our team is ready to accompany you on this path with full confidence and trust and meet your product transportation needs in the best possible way.

با خشم عادلانه و بیزاری از مردانی که فریفته و تضعیف شده اند با این میل کورکورانه که نمی توانند درد و مشکل را پیش بینی کنند، فریفته و تضعیف شده اند.

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