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Chromite: a vital material in steelmaking industries

Chromite is one of the most widely used minerals in the steel industry and plays an important role in the economy of any country. This mineral is found in mines in silver color. Chromite is also found in Iran's domestic mines and is used in various industries. Most of the world's chromite is extracted from the mines of South Africa, followed by India, Turkey and Russia.

Characteristics of chromite

Chromium is one of the hard metals that is not found freely in nature. The most important material that contains a lot of chromium is chromite. For this reason, chromite is of great importance for steelmaking industries that require the properties of chromium. Chromite is a hard, silver-white metal. In the periodic table of elements, chromium is in the sixth group along with tungsten and molybdenum. This element is difficult to prepare in pure form due to mixing with oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. Chromium has an electrical conductivity of 2.22% compared to copper.

Applications of chromite

The most consumption of chromite is in the manufacture of stainless steel. In general, 65% of the chromite extracted in the world is used in the metallurgical sector, and a large part of it is dedicated to steel production. Chromite has high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and for this reason, it is used in various sectors. Chromite is also used in making refractory bricks because it is resistant to different environmental conditions due to its special structure. In addition, chromite is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chromite uses

- Making stainless steel: Chromite is very valuable in making stainless steel.
- Refractory bricks: Chromite is used in making refractory bricks and producing refractory products. These bricks are used in the preparation of steel, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, cement and roof glass.
- Chemical reactions: Chromium reacts with hydrochloric acid or chlorine and produces chlorides, but it does not dissolve in nitric acid. Cr2N and CrN are formed from the combination of chromium and nitrogen.

Chromite extraction methods

Chromite extraction is done in two ways, open and underground. When the mass of chromite is detected near the surface of the earth, they use the open mining method, and when the chromite is located in the inner layers of the earth, they use the underground mining method.

In our country, most of the chromite sources are located near the surface of the earth, and therefore the open-pit method is more useful than the underground mining methods. Of course, in some regions of the country, such as Faryab mines, both underground and open methods are used simultaneously. In other countries, these extractions are completely mechanized and done by advanced devices.

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