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Parsian Broadcasting Dardane Production Company

Iron pellets: the beating heart of the steel industry, from the mine to the factory

In the modern world, steel, as one of the most basic metals, plays a vital role in construction, industries and infrastructure. Behind the curtain of the production of this valuable metal, iron pellets are located as if they are the beating heart of this industry. Iron pellets are cylindrical balls of processed iron ore, which, by going through a precise process, the grade of iron increases significantly. This valuable raw material acts as feed for iron smelting and direct reduction furnaces and ultimately leads to the production of crude steel.

A journey in the heart of pellet making: from iron ore to pellets

To better understand the importance of iron pellets, we will have a short transition to its production stages:

1. Extraction and preparation of iron ore:

●  Iron ore is extracted from mines and transported to processing plants.

●  In these units, iron ore is de-impurified and granulated to become iron ore concentrate with a grade of 60-70%.

2. Preparation of raw materials:

●  Iron ore concentrate along with additives such as bentonite, lime, dolomite and water are measured and mixed in precise proportions.

●  These materials play the role of glue and modifier of the pellet structure and help to increase its strength, porosity and final quality.

   3. Pelletizing:

●  The prepared mixture is transferred to special pelletizing machines.

●  In these devices, by rotating the mixture and applying pressure, cylindrical balls called pellets are formed.

●  The standard size of pellets is between 8 and 16 mm.

   4. Preheating and baking:

●  Raw pellets are fired at a high temperature (about 1200 to 1300 degrees Celsius).

●  This process increases the strength of the pellet, stabilizes its structure and prepares it for reduction in iron smelting furnaces or direct reduction.

   5. cooling:

●  Cooked pellets are cooled slowly to prevent them from cracking and crumbling.

●  The cooled pellets are ready to be transported to steel mills.



Countless advantages that make the pellet a superior option:

High iron grade: Iron pellets with a grade of 65-75%, compared to raw iron ore whose grade is around 30-50%, means less impurities and more efficiency in the iron smelting process.

Strength and stability: Iron pellets have high strength and can be easily moved and transported in furnaces without crushing or breaking. This feature makes them easy to move and store.

●  Optimum Porosity: Pellets have a suitable porosity that helps the passage of gases during the reduction process, which in turn increases the speed and efficiency of iron reduction.

●  Reduced energy consumption: The use of iron pellets leads to energy savings compared to raw iron ore, due to the need for less energy for smelting and regeneration.

●  Reducing pollution: The production process of iron pellets is less polluting than the extraction and processing of raw iron ore.

Easy portability: Due to their strength and proper shape, iron pellets are easily transportable, which makes them easy to move and store.

Quality steel production: The use of high-grade and high-quality pellets leads to the production of quality steel with less impurities.

Iron pellets in beyond the steel industry

   The use of iron pellets is not limited to the steel industry. of this valuable product in other industries such as:

● Production of building materials: As a raw material in the production of cement, concrete and prefabricated materials

Ceramics: As a raw material in the production of tiles, ceramics and porcelain

● Glass: As a raw material in the production of glass

Dardane Parsian Trading Company: supplier of high quality iron pellets

As one of the reliable suppliers of iron pellets in Iran, Dardaneh Parsian Company meets the needs of various industries for this basic raw material by providing a high quality product at a reasonable price.

The advantages of the painful choice of Parsian broadcasting:

●  Brilliant track record: Dardane Parsian, with a long history in the field of supplying iron pellets, is known as a reliable brand in this industry.

● Quality guaranteed: This company procures iron pellets from the most reliable mines and factories in the world and ensures its quality by conducting rigorous tests.

● Reasonable price: Dardane Parsian Distribution offers its customers a competitive and cost-effective price by eliminating intermediaries and directly supplying iron pellets.

● Customer service: By providing consulting and technical support services, this company is always with its customers and helps them in choosing and using the right iron pellet.

With the help of Parsian distribution, ease your mind about the supply of high-quality iron pellets.



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